Mon Ami Day Care and Nursery School



Arrival & Departure

A parent or responsible adult must accompany their child into the Center each morning and notify the teacher of the child's arrival.

A parent or responsible adult must be present to pick up a child at the end of the daily session. Sign-in and sign-out sheets must be utilized. 


Please notify Mon Ami if your child is not going to be present on the scheduled day. To ensure equity between Day Care and Nursery School, we cannot provide for make-ups. 


We will attempt to assist the child to achieve self control. In case of behavior that is destructive to the child or to another child, we will use measures to redirect the child's action.


We reserve the right to dismiss a child if the center director feels it is the best interest of the child or school. 


Children who are ill should remain at home. If the child becomes ill at the Center, parent or emergency care persons will be notified.

If a child has been absent due to a contagious disease, extended illness or injury, a physician's certificate may be required.


In case of an emergency requiring immediate medical treatment we:

1. Contact parent.

2. Contact emergency care person in parent's absence.

3. Contact child's doctor.

4. Take child to closest emergency service or family designated hospital if above persons cannot be reached.

Emergency Closing

In order to serve our working parents, we will attempt to remain open during days of severe weather conditions without regard to whether public schools are operating. However, school may be closed if extreme weather conditions exist. We will attempt to contact parents before the school day, if possible. No tuition will be charged if school is closed. If we remain open and your child does not attend, regular tuition is in effect.

Rest Time

All day care children will participate in rest time.


Label all outerwear. Be sure to dress your child for outdoor play each day. Please bring an extra set of clothes including underwear, shirt, pants and socks. Please label each article and put them in a plastic bag.


Children who stay for lunch must bring their own. We encourage low sugar, nutritional food. Please label lunch boxes and bags.


All snack food served will be free of high sugar content. Snacks will be served twice a day.


A low sugar birthday dessert is provided by the Mon Ami staff. If you would like to provide a special snack for your child's birthday, please let us know in advance.


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